Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.

FiberNet Schedule

06-07-01 Meeting with all entities, 9:00am, Doser building MCC Montcalm Community College in Sidney.

To Do List...
Pricing adjust for connections in or out. New price sheets created for approval.
Bid and “fine tune” fiber connection runs according to “in” players locations.
Building by building overview and entrance cabling price finalized.
Setup escrow account.
Group approval of buy/lease agreement 
Agreements signed, purchase orders and payment put in escrow account.
Send purchase order to fiber installer.
Right of way and permits gained.
Ground Breaking.
Turn on 1-800 number for error reporting / resolution.
Fiber Installed
Check repair rates and create contact list for quick repairs when needed.
Draw payments for fiber installers to come out of escrow account

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